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My name is Sarah and I will help you figure out how to get the most for your money!
Hi I am Tim and I’ll be your college advisor. I am going to make sure that you're ready to apply to college!
Welcome to the virtual career center! My name is John and I am going to help you find opportunities to break into any industry.
My name is Jake and i’m here to help you select a college that will help you pick a successful career.
I am an ace with numbers! Did you know that the square root of 578410263 is 24050.161392389866?
Let’s work on a college admissions strategy to prepare you for standardized admissions tests, college interviews, a resume, and summer activities that will help further your knowledge in core subject matters.
Check out this infographic that goes over some great tips for your next job interview.
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Did you know that: Two-thirds of full-time undergraduate students receive financial aid in the form of grants or scholarships, according to the College Board?
Would you like to take a virtual tour of the campus or would you rather visit in person?
I have identified 35 local paid internships that would look great on your resume! Which ones would you like to apply for?
It’s time to stop calling it a dream. It’s time to call it a plan!
Did you know that missing your student loan payments could cost you a job? We are going to look at the median salary for jobs posted in your area and compare them with the tuition from your colleges. #SmartFinancialDecisions
Let’s get started with a mock interview. I am going to ask you a series of questions and I want you to select the best answer. If you don’t like any of the answers you can type in a custom one and I will let you know how you did.
Remember to ask questions to the potential employer. One of my favorites is “How would you describe the responsibilities of the position?”
I just found a scholarship that you qualify for! Would you like to apply for it?
I have found 5 local networking events that will help you meet entrepreneurs like yourself. Which one would you like to learn more about?
It’s time to fill out your FAFSA. I will help you through the process so we can see how much financial aid you qualify for.
Jesse endorsed your Public Speaking Skills today on LinkedIn and it looks like you have a new message waiting for you. Take a look so you don’t miss out!
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